Well, to all intents & purposes I intend to keep a decent balance of music, drama, theatre & art themes running on this thing….so here goes…I couldn’t start a day without grinning inanely at myself in a mirror…& as this isn’t always that easy to do I highly recommend kicking off the morning with a hearty dose of Tadpoles….nope its not some new hippy health food freak out, but a gem of quality genius from those fabulous guys The Bonzo Dog  Band!!!  Slam it on your record player…or if you’re a new fangled git…your CD player…or even more annoyingly…an MP3 (go outside, get your earplugs OUT & listen to NATURE!!!) Listen to the fabulous brilliance of ‘Ali Babas Camel’, which is a joy for all Spike Jones fans:), run around your landing with wet hair & a towel turban to ‘Hunting Tigers’, scream along to ‘I’m an Urban Spaceman’…and last but not least scare your postman to death by howling ‘Boo’ at him through the letterbox! If that doesn’t put a grin on your face, then you’re a pretty dour git…the only warning that comes with this album is ‘Your Neighbours Will Probably Hate You In The Mornings… Forever’  – but a ne fait rein haha!!!

The glorious genius of Vivian Stanshall, who I shall undoubtedly cover in later blogs, & Neil Innes is delightfully captured for all to enjoy here…& if by chance you haven’t heard of these fellas…google onwards & do your research…it will prove most rewarding, that I promise.  Now go and Rhino over your lino!!!

As this band (in its numerous forms) contained & contains many of my  all time art/music/gadget heroes I finally got to see them perform recently (I also got to meet them & what a jolly friendly &  fine bunch of fellows they are too!)…and all I can say is that after singing along & laughing my socks off, watching exploding gadgetry, singing bubble blowing robots with a tendancy to loose clothing, the famous Head Ballet & Roger Ruskin-Speare perform a bum note on a Theramin leg , that the world would be a truly empty  place without them!!! Long live The Bonzos…and I hope Vivian Stanshall is having a ball in the afterlife with a million axolotls wiggling alongside him;)


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